Frequently Asked Questions

  • Selling a Website
  • Do you charge a listing fee to sell my website?

    We never charge a listing fee!  We get paid when we find you a buyer for your site.  If we can't do that then you pay us nothing!

  • What Fees are involved?

    We charge a "success fee" based on the final sales price of the business.  The percentage can vary depending on the size and complexity of the business.  Contact us and we will be happy to discuss this more with you.

  • How successful are you at selling websites?

    We work hard to only take on listing that we have a high percentage likelihood of selling.  That being said, sometimes certain properties just aren't a good fit for our buyers and we aren't able to sell the properties.  We average a 70% sell-though rate on our 90 day listings.

  • Do you require "exclusivity" on your listings?

    We do and most other reputable brokers will require the same.  If you find yourself working with a broker that doesn't require exclusivity, it could be cause for concern.  There is a lot of time, effort, and labor that goes into preparing a listing.  Since we don't charge an listing fee or any upfront marketing fees this exclusivity period gives us a chance to re-coup these costs.

  • What methods or channels do you use to sell my website?

    First and foremost we offer all our listing to our internal VIP buyers list.  If we aren't able to procure a sale from those buyers, we will work to distribute the listing though our marketing partners and establish co-brokering arrangements to expand the reach of your listing.  In some cases we will develop custom Facebook and twitter campaigns to get as much exposure to the listing as possible.   This all comes at no additional cost to you!

  • Buying a Website
  • Have you already performed the due diligence on these sites?

    Every site we list has went though an initial screening and verification of revenue, traffic, and backlink profile.  We are happy to give you advice and guidance, but this does NOT mean you can skip the due diligence process as the final decision to purchase is ultimately  yours.

  • Can you assist in the transfer of the website?

    You Bet! We are here to make the transaction go smoothly for both the buyer and the seller. If either party needs our expert assistance you can count on our support.


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