[Sold]2 Y/0 Knife Ecommerce Business Selling on Amazon – $1,540/mo Avg Net

This business was opened in May 2014. The website is a wordpress site and is easy to manage. The site is now responsive design and passed the Google Mobile Friendly test June 2016.

It sells all major brands of this specific custom knife. 

Key points:

    • Running profitably for over 2 years
    • Most Items sourced directly from manufacturer
    • 40% Gross Margin 
    • Multiple sources of Traffic
    • Low Multiple
    • Existing Inventory Included at Wholesale Cost
    • Multiple sales channels

    This is a great opportunity for someone who would like to get started in ecommerce and step into a profitable store and an excellent multiple.

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6 Steps to Landing a High Quality Guest Blog Post

When investors purchase blog properties, they’re likely to come across guest blogging as a strategy fairly quickly. Guest blogging involves getting your content placed on someone else’s website and with the intent of driving traffic and “link juice” back to your main site. Often times, if you have built up a following, you’ll be able to promote the content on the other person’s blog.

In short, the strategy is a win-win.

Unfortunately, the way that most people approach a guest posting opportunity usually boils down to barely more than cold emailing people and hoping someone:

  1. sees their email,
  2.  bothers to open it, and
  3. actually reads it and does something about the message inside.

Instead, here’s a quick and easy checklist you can use to increase your chances of being accepted as a guest blogger on another site and using that siphoned exposure to help your own blog in return.

  1. Identify a blog with audience crossover to your own. You don’t need to find someone writing about the exact same topic as you, but you do want to be able to identify some crossover between your audiences. For example, for our brokerage we would look to find blogs talking about marketing, CRO, SEO, and media buying.  Blogs with audiences that have those interests may likely be looking to buy or sell a site in the future.
  2. Read a few posts. Get a feel for the blog by reading more than just one or two of their posts. Note the tone of voice and ‘angle’ they seem to have.
  3. Comment. Leave some thoughtful comments on their post and engage by replying to existing comments. If you’re the guy or gal leaving “wow. Nice post!” type comments, you will be ignored. If, however, you leave something genuinely thoughtful and which shows you were interested in and are interacting with their content.
  4. Follow them on twitter. Next, find a social platform they’re on, usually twitter, and follow them. Share out a couple of their posts on your own feed over the next few days. Tag them in one of your tweets to make sure they know you’re giving them credit and to alert them that you’re sharing their content.
  5. Send them a DM asking for permission. Before you pitch via email, ask for permission to do so. Send them a message on twitter letting them know that you have an idea you’d like to run by them, and if they have an email you can shoot it over to.
  6. Craft an effective email pitch. An effective email pitch for a guest blog post gets to the point quickly. More importantly, however, a guest blog pitch focuses as much value and utility you can bring the person you’re pitching. Focus on what you can do for them, not on why they should help you out or how badly you need it.
  7. Follow-up – Nobody likes to be spammed but it is a fact of life that we are all busy.  Just because you didn’t get a response from your first email don’t assume they don’t want to work with you.  Politely follow-up 1-2 times with a final email with a subject line of “I guess this wasn’t a good fit” or something similar.  Many times you’ll finally get your response if you’ve indicated that this will be your last contact.

Following these six steps, and having the patience to execute them over a few days, will put you miles ahead of every other pitch your target blogger is probably getting, and that’s definitely something.

[SOLD] 5 Y/O B2B SEO Agency w/ Recurring Clients – $6349/mo Avg Net

The Company is a highly profitable SEO business specializing in B2B marketing services. Gained a strong reputation in the services space, offering not only white labelled SEO services and online reputation management, but also content writing and custom marketing packages.

The business has a solid team of contractors, with most working with the company for the last 2-4 years. It also uses an outsourced (BPO) service, with this system in place for two years.

Key points:

  • • Multiple varied traffic sources
  • • Low Bounce Rate
  • • 3+ minutes average time on site
  • • Low Owner Involvement Required

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[SOLD] 3 Y/O Fitness Business Selling on Amazon FBA – $1,692/mo Avg Net

The Company is a sports and fitness retailer that primarily sells its products on Amazon utilizing Amazon’s organic traffic as well as Amazon’s paid advertising platform.

The company has a unique selling proposition in that the products are made in the USA and are hand labeled by a company that employs veterans. This helps set the products and brand apart from other product competitors.

Key points:

  • 15% Sales Growth YOY (2014 – 2015)
  • Consistently profitable ad campaign
  • Custom product mold with integrated Branding
  • 718 Amazon reviews at 4.5/5 Star rating
  • Made in the USA

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[SOLD] 5yo Digital Agency Speciaizing in ESP Consulting Niche

This Business is a  highly rated, service based business that focuses on productized services and custom integrations for the MailChimp Community.

If your not familiar with MailChimp, they are one of the largest ESPs (Email Service Providers) in the space today with the most recognizable brand name to the public at large. See the below link for a Google Trends comparison of Mailchimp vs Aweber (another top ESP). http:// screencast.com/t/wQiUWhSrk

MailChimp is unique in that they leverage the power of 3rd party experts to assist customers with custom integrations and development. This results in free and very qualified leads.

  • Rated #1 Agency for 3 Years
  • Recurring Affiliate Revenue
  • Highly Systematized with Skilled Contractors
  • No Programming or Tech Skills Required

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[Sold] 5 y/o Clickbank Membership Site in Alternative Niche – $1,313/mo

This site is a 5 year old  membership site ran on the Clickbank platform.   The package includes 2 membership sites, 1 blog and one micro-continuity site. The current owner has many digital products in his portfolio and this one has not received enough attention in the recent years.  The products have been running on auto-pilot and monthly subscriptions numbers have been declining by about 3% each month.  

Key Points

  • Online for 5+ Years
  • Over 200,000+ registered free users
  • Very little owner involvement required
  • Automated email followup funnel
  • 110 Current users on recurring billing

“State Specific” Home Buying Resource Site – (Sold)

This site provides geographically specific information to individuals looking to purchase their first home.  It provides detailed information on federal programs, grants and subsidy programs that can assist home buyers.

The site runs on WordPress and is exclusively monetized via Adsense so even a beginning investor can run & manage this site.  In fact, the current owners state they only spend approximately 1 hour/week working on the site and that work consists mostly of just checking stats, revenue and ad placements.

Age: Started in Oct 2012
Traffic: 400+ visitors/day
Revenue: $1,837/mo
Indexed Pages: 608

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2 Year Old, PR3 Blog Design Company – Top Search Engine Rankings {SOLD}

This 2 year old, PR3 site provides custom WordPress blog designs for bloggers and small businesses. The site maintains a strong organic placement that generates most of its leads with one of the #1 keyword rankings estimating a CPC value of over $12.07/click. The site has been earning $795.50 net per month over the last 8 months of operation.

You don’t need to be design savvy to run this business either.

The owner has a Designer and Developer on staff from oversees that handle all the fulfillment of the projects. Your job as the owner would be to handle the sales, marketing and project management.

The site receives ~100 unique users per week of organic traffic and ranks Top 10 for many high-value organic terms.

This site would be a perfect strategic acquisition for an existing marketing firm, seo firm, or freelance designer, but a individual with strong project management skills could also be a good fit.

*Revenue figures annualized based on last 8 months.

5 Reasons Using an Escrow Service to Sell your Website is Smart

Escrow Service Buying WebsiteSelling a website needs the same thoughtful planning as selling a brick and mortar business. Ownership documentation must be spotless and all bookkeeping needs to bulletproof. The best way to ensure this and more gets accomplished is to use a reputable website broker and escrow service. Any person or company interested in buying a website will be looking for the best fit for their business needs as well as a good bargain.

An internet escrow service is not like Craigslist or eBay. This company will not list your website like a pair of concert tickets or a used car. In fact, eBay now recommends to their buyers and sellers that they use an escrow service for every high dollar transaction on their website. This is because internet fraud and theft are increasing almost as fast as internet commerce.

In a brick and mortar environment, escrow services are generally reserved for large ticket items such as homes, businesses and luxury items. Due to the more fluid and anonymous nature of the internet a single, high dollar, high risk fraud scheme is replaced by a series of lower dollar schemes that have a much lower risk of detection and arrest.

One of the easiest ways to prevent this is to engage an escrow service to protect your interests. The escrow fees are usually very reasonable and a reputable service will provide at least five benefits to ensure you and your website are taken care of.

Benefits of Using an Escrow Service

  1. Guaranteed Payment before you turn over control of your website. There is no risk to you in terms of bounced checks, charge backs or fraudulent and non-payments.
  2. Accept multiple payment methods without requiring a merchant account of the seller. Please note one very important points though about this. No reputable internet escrow service will use or ask you to provide payment through Money Gram or Western Union. The chances for fraud are entirely too high.
  3. Confirmation that ownership has transferred. Please note that while most escrow services do not personally perform this task they will engage a registrar on your behalf or advise you on where to find one to ensure there are no false claims about transfer of ownership.
  4. Conduct business internationally to include multiple currencies. Conversion to USD from Euro, Pound Sterling will be accomplished with no hidden or additional fees in addition to the already agreed upon escrow fee.
  5. Protection of all banking accounts, credit card and other financial information. Your data stops with the escrow service. Any payment made to the Buyer will be through the escrow account established only to process your transaction.

Does Your Escrow Service Provide This:

  1. The website should be secure. The URL must begin with https:// and the padlock symbol indicating a secure website (if you are using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) should appear at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Dispute Resolution. If a problem does come up, then you’ll need a service that will perform as a neutral third party. The escrow service already has its fee from seller and buyer and will therefore work to resolve any issue to the satisfaction of both parties. Keep in mind that if you do sign up to have the escrow service perform dispute resolution that will eventually mean arbitration if neither you nor the buyer can come to an agreement.

Deciding to sell your website is a big step that requires careful thought, planning and research. To ensure your business interests are protected from fraud and theft, you need to seek out a reputable internet escrow service. The possible loss of intellectual property, profit and years of work for no remuneration make not doing so an unacceptable risk.